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Impact the lives of countless youth by expanding our scholarship fund.

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The work of One Circle Foundation is so impactful but we cannot do it without your support. Our goal is to raise $36,000 to fund 100 training scholarships at $360 each. This affords a caring adult who works directly with youth to attend a Circle or Council training where they are equipped with the skills to go back to their setting, implement the program, and impact the lives of countless youth, year after year.

In 2016, one of our programs, Girls Circle, became the first evidence-based program in the nation proven to reduce delinquency. Outcomes additionally showed significant increases in educational goals and aspirations. The Council for Boys and Young Men program has also shown significant outcomes in school engagement.

Our reach spans the nation. The adults who attend our training continue utilizing our programs year after year. Why? Because they see the change. They see the resiliency that is built, the strengths that are fostered, the hope, the connection, and the abilities needed to build healthy relationships, improve academics and bonding to school, overcome challenges and hardships, strengthen their true identity, and transition into adulthood as productive citizens and leaders. Our evidence-based, gender responsive programs are steeped in human development principles and practices that grow the human spirit.


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